Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Welcome to London

Welcome to London - A Short Hyperlapse Film from Mattia Bicchi Photography on Vimeo.

Finally my new laptop has been delivered which means the next few evenings will be spent restoring data, deleting the crap-ware pre-loaded by Sony, installing the programs I actually want to use and occasionally going arr!!! when Windows 8's complexity and bloody mindedness gets too painful.

It's a shame as have a bit of a backlog of posts including some of Greenland and photos from the Great River Race, plus was at the Southampton Boat Show over the weekend where heard a talk by Skip Novak on Cape Horn, but they will have to wait.

In the mean time here's a pretty time-lapse (or hyper-lapse as they call it) of London.

Update: hmm... that video's gone password protected. A version of it can be found on YouTube here.

Update 2: and its baaaaack! This time with a different sound track, the old Coldplay one having been replaced, which might also be a clue as to what the issue was

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