Thursday, September 19, 2013

What would a pirate who had to configure a new laptop running Windows 8 say?


Yes, its that day again. And no, my laptop isn't even close to being ready yet.


Noodle said...

Because Win8 is the best system they have done so far?

Tinker at Sea said...

Good luck with that - I had a free version of Windows 8.. which I deleted after 30 minutes of pure frustration...

JP said...

Windows 8 would be a lot easier if could just boot to desktop as Win 8.1 is meant to allow, but most of the problems relate to PC complexity.

To give an example: first step was to restore from a network drive, but the Sony wifi drivers are rubbish with dial-up data rates and ability to block all other devices from using the network.

So have to start the long long process of updates, but even then it lost connection with the network drive over-night mid-copy, which makes me worry there's something wrong with IP addresses (and LAN IP address management really shouldn't be something I have to worry about). Then there's another cycle of updates, then install programs fail.....

Plus the SSD is limited space and 24 GB is reserved for windows system restore so want to create a bootable USB stick with windows system restore on it so can delete that partition.

Then have to delete the trial anti-viral software it comes with and install the one I've paid for, ditto replace the cut-down free MS Office with the work's full licence, then work out what crap-ware to de-install and then install apps actually want like iTunes.

It goes on and on and on.

Compare this to configuration of a Chromebook:
1. Switch on
2. Login