Thursday, April 03, 2014

Editors in Brixton

I thought I'd follow up yesterday's post on Wild Beasts at the Brixton Academy with some pics from the Editors playing there from back in November 2013.

Rather a good gig it was too: I think the Editors songs work rather well with the Brixton Academy's sound system as they are rougher and rawer than those from the more delicate Wild Beasts.

But it got at least one rather snooty review - I'd certainly say they were better than "adequate". It's interesting how perspectives on the same concert can vary: so much of how you experience music depends on mood, expectations and how familiar you are with the songs.

Maybe the Editors should have used some lasers: everything is better with lasers.


Tillerman said...

I agree. Everything is better with Lasers.

JP said...

A Laser lit by lasers would therefore be the height of cool