Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Are you a boat stalker?

Tom Wilson racing British Swan 44, Selene
 Credit: Ted Martin/Photofantasyantigua/Antigua Sailing Week

You know when you hear that name and you get an emotional response. You remember her, she was important to you, but now she's gone.

No, I'm not talking ex-es, I'm talking boats. Not ships by night but ones you've spent time with, got to know and now miss.

I got that feeling when I read this article about Antigua Sailing Week which showed the image above, a lovely Swan 44 called Selene.

Now I know Selene a little having sailed her from Cascais, Portugal to Gibraltar. Owned at the time by a friend of a friend, it was part of a delivery from the south coast to Malta for the Mid-Sea race.

And a very nice delivery cruise it was too, stopping every now and then to sample the cuisine of Spain and Portugal.

Since then she's been sold but every now and then I hear of her. I think its ok to admit that.

I wouldn't like to become a boat stalker.


Tillerman said...

I am an RS Aero stalker.

JP said...

We've noticed! And that's before you've even got one.

O Docker said...

Better a boat stalker than a boat whisperer.

Rik said...

We care for them while they are in our arms... It is tough to let go. Especially if you built her.

JP said...

Sounds as if they feel like your children, heading out into the world?

Anonymous said...

I'm a bike sniffer. Can't walk past one without giving it a visual once over.