Friday, April 11, 2014

Sassi lurves Kate loving sailing!!!

Hi Guys,

OMG! How much do I luurve HRH Duchess of Cambridge, oh yes I'm talking Kate here!!!

Not just a maternal angel and queen to be, she can not only sail as well!!

Here she is at the wheel-thing of an America's Cup yacht (is that right? can't see any of those foils JP was babbling on about) in Lord of the Rings land New Zealand.

And our Kate beat Will with score 2-0 on the waters off Aukland. She knows a thing or two about boats as apparently she sailed Challenge 72s in her gap year!!

She is a sailing queen-to-be of hearts!

Luv ya!

Sassi xxx

BBC here:


Mark Roope said...
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Mark Roope said...

Can you use your many contacts to get Kate to come and do some sailing on my boat please. I don't care if she is a good sailor or not she is welcome aboard. I am sure I can find her a few potatoes to peel!

JP said...

Ah, if only I could help you there!

Of course Sassi claims to be BFF with Kate and Buff says he has "contacts" but to be honest they both say many, many things.

However if Ben Ainslie get's his AC team together just think how cool it would be to get Kate involved as guest skipper. That would certainly raise sailings profile no end