Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book review: Ice bears and Kotick

What's life all about? Seriously.

The author of this book, Peter Webb (who I think I met a couple of years ago at the London Boat Show) was wondering this very question, when the paths of his life seemed to be heading for an office job in London, mornings and evenings spent commuting on the tube.

But he thought there was more out there to experience and came up with a plan - to circumnavigate Spitzbergen by open boat powered by sail and oar. As far as he knew no one had done it before.

There was a reason - it was over 1,000 miles of freezing water and ice, populated by seals and bears.

This is the story of how Peter with his mate Shaggy ventured into the high Arctic to do just that, and its a great read, transporting to you to where the air burns the lungs and the water's blue is dangerous not tempting.

I read it with special interest after last year's trip up the Arctic Circle.

And did the question get answered? Well to find out you'll just have to read it for yourself

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