Saturday, June 08, 2013

Height not depth

I was going to do one of those "what is this" challenges, if only to discover what O'Docker would make of it, but the phrase "Hammersmith Bridge Headway Board" really does gives the game away.

Doesn't mean to say it isn't from the Blogulator range as well of course.


my2fish said...

those little "m" marks stand for minutes, right? so it times how fast the water rises? weird.

JP said...


I have been told some rule about Thames tide involving metres per minute or something but forgot it long ago.

BTW just downloaded the most recent The National album.

my2fish said...

have you listened much to the new album? I like a few songs, but overall have not been blown away. it seems a bit soft to me.

O Docker said...

Watched the Boat Race from just below Hammersmith Bridge (words I thought I'd never be typing) and followed advice to claim a spot on the embankment several hours beforehand.

Was amazed to see how quickly the level rose. Must have been five feet in two hours.

Bursledon Blogger said...

Thames measurements would never be in metric units - surely chains rods poles or perches per candle foot.

JP said...

I think I was told it was something like an inch a minute, but that is distance over typical gravel bank rather than vertical.

The total delta is a good 6 metres and at springs it does rush along something impressive.