Thursday, June 27, 2013

Melbourne by day

Looking through my stack of photos I've noticed that most of them are night time shots. Ok partly this is due to the super moon last weekend but also alas due to the fact that day times have been filled with work; silly amounts of work.

But I have had the odd break and yet again I've found Melbourne to be a very likable and livable city, particularly here down by the Yarra River:
Its just the thing to make me feel at home: a tidal river flowing through a city with boat houses, rowers, kayakers, bikers and runners like me pounding the pathway.

Alas I won't have much time to explore the city tomorrow as I have multiple documents with tight deadlines.

However Buff is insisting I take an hour off to see "Polly from Belfast" who he says will "take my mind off work": I will of course report back fully.

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