Thursday, July 25, 2013

Buff's America's Cup Adventure

I'm off travelling again and for a hint where check out the photo above. It's somewhere outside mobile coverage so it might be some time before back on blogger.

To fill in the gap this blog is going a bit off-piste with a short story about what happened when Buff joined Luna Rossa on one of their PR / training sessions. It might not be what you expect, but experiments are like that.

Anyhow it's written and gives me 13 days worth of scheduled posts ready baked, starting Saturday.

As its America's Cup related I'd like to dedicate it to the memory of Andrew "Bart" Simpson.


Tillerman said...

I'm guessing it's North Iceland.

Mainly because that's the name of the .jpg file you posted.

Baydog said...

Wait a that where the Forked River Buy-Rite gets its ice deliveries from? They're always there unloading as we're pulling up to get a bag.