Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Picture puzzle

This place was the site of some Olympic rowing, but:

  1. Which Olympics?
  2. What's the location?
  3. What would be an appropriate colour medal for this town and why?


Anonymous said...

1. 1956 Summer

2. Lake Wendouree

3. Gold. Can you say Eureka?

Tillerman said...

What Anonymous said.

But I knew that.

I actually went to Ballarat once. It was about this time of year too. I never knew anywhere in Australia could be so cold.

JP said...

Anon is correct.

You could say Eureka and you could also say Sovereign Hill, where you can go down an old gold mine.

It wasn't that cold but rather grey and drizzling

Also note how the Olympic rings are mounted on the appropriately Australian shape of a boomerang

Tillerman said...

It was grey and drizzling when I was there too. I do remember that my hotel room had some kind of dangerous-looking heater in it. The only time I ever saw a heater in a hotel room in Australia.

JP said...

I'm doing a mini road trip and every hotel I've stayed in has had those heaters so I've had to learn how to control them.

The other common thing between the hotels has been poor wifi but the current hotel has not just a wired connection but also a wire so much better.