Monday, July 22, 2013

#RoyalBaby a sailor???

Hi guys!

OMG!! Like..... I.... like..... can't breath!!

Isn't it sooooooooo exciting!! After 9 months of Kate's maternity fashion perfection the big day has finally come and a little prince or princess is about enter this world!!

Ok, ok, JP wants me to remind you that William's dad (above) and granddad were both sailors or something. He also went on about inspiring the next British America's Cup bla bla bla ..... but to be honest who cares?

Baby clothes!! Kate's figure recapture fitness regime!!


Luv ya!!

Sassi xxx


Sassi says #ITSABOY!!!


Tillerman said...

What will Pippa be wearing?

Sassi said...

OMG!! Pippa!!

I'm hoping we'll be talking hats!!!

Tillerman said...

And here is a picture of William's Granddad sailing.

JP said...

Indeed - I remembered that photo well.

Baydog said...

Yes, I remember seeing that photo as well. I thought he was a girl if I remember correctly. Amelia Earhart if my memory serves me.

Tillerman said...

You thought he was Sargent Schriver and Bus Mosbacher.

JP said...

Though of course its not all about hats