Thursday, September 04, 2014

Picture Puzzle

Couple of questions for you:

1. What animal is this? (*)
2. What animal is it not? (**)
3. Where is it?
4. Why?

(*) not the seagull, the eyes bit
(**) ok, not just any animal, one that is associated in some way with this object


Tillerman said...

1. It's the London Eye Monster
2. It's not Eeyore
3. London
4. British sense of humour

JP said...

Good answers all, but equally not the right ones.

Tillerman said...

1. It's Eeyore. (Must be because JP said that my previous answer that it was not Eeyore was incorrect.)
2. It's not the London Eye Monster. (Same logic.)
3. It's not far from the sea.
4. Art.

JP said...

Nope again, though art is the right track and it is in London.

Tillerman said...

1. Elmo
2. Not a straw pig.
3. London.
4. Art

JP said...

It's not Elmo and its not a pig or donkey, though it does have four legs.

And there's more to it than art, there's natural history too.

And another clue: its in the Thames

Tillerman said...

1. It's a hippo.
2. It's not a rubber duck.
3. Riverside Gardens, Nine Elms Lane, London SW8 2DU
4. Dutch sense of humor

Chris Partridge said...

I'm looking forward to rowing past it when we join QRB Gloriana in a parade along the Tall Ships at Greenwich on Sunday.

JP said...

Tillerman: correct!

Chris: thats quite a row up from those Tall Ships - how far up river are you going? It is part of GRR preparations?