Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Wedding Crashers Sailing

I had a very frustrating time in Annapolis.

It was a place crammed full of all things boaty, where you could hire a kayak or sailboat and head out into the Chesapeake Bay, yet I wasn't feeling too good and had a stack of work to do.

Only on the last day did I have a few hours spare and enough energy to get out of the hotel so went out for a quick trip on the schooner Woodwind (above).

This is the yacht that can be seen in that romcom movie, the "Wedding Crashers", which isn't that bad but then again not brilliant either.

It was a lovely just to be out on the water and to be honest given I wasn't feeling great quite nice to just sit and pull the odd rope and have a short spin on the wheel.
Then it was time for lunch.... and I had a feeling crab would be on the menu.

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