Friday, June 24, 2016


It's fair to say that things went badly overnight.

It only took a few hours for Scotland to announce it was planning another independence referendum - and who can blame them, given the alternative is sharing a country outside the EU with Nigel Farage and his supporters.

But there are other ideas afoot. There is one bit of the UK (as it is called at the moment) that was even more in favour of remain than Scotland, namely London (see graphic above).

Already there's a petition for London to go for independence as a city state and follow Scotland and it quickly exceeded 50,000 signatures. Other voices support this.

Or maybe a new union, "ScotLon" anyone?

It appears we are living in "interesting times" as they say.


Anonymous said...

ScotLon! Brilliant.

Tillerman said...

And in other good news, Texas is using the Brexit vote to argue for secession from the U.S. They might be surprised how quickly the rest of America would agree to that!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I'm starting a campaign for a free and independent Wessex... naturally we'll be lobbying for EU membership... anyone who disagrees will be sent to Essex.... :o)

JP said...

Looking at the list I can see how my friends in Cambridge also want to join ScotLond.

Tillerman said...

Independence for Rutland!

JP said...

Or a new union of ScotRutLond?