Thursday, June 30, 2016

London Rivers Week

As a distraction from the insanity and self destruction currently on display in the politics of the Dis-United Kingdom (D-UK), here is a lovely mash-up showing London's waterways in the form of a tube map.

It's from Thames 21 as part of London Rivers Week.

Just look at those lovely names: Priests Bridge, Bell Lane Creek, Wilderness Island, Little Venice, Trinity Buoy - and those more mundane, such as Footpath No.19, M4 Bridge and Kelvin Industrial Estate.

Updated: I was trying to get a better graphic when found it comes from the Soundmap of London web site here. There's an interactive map where you can hear sounds from each place!


Anonymous said...

Nice map. I know the Grand Union Canal line; I used to use it to get to Euston. Not sure where it crosses the Brent line though? I presume they're not at the same water level!

JP said...

I think its near where the Grand Union goes under the North Circular

JP said...

See this video: