Monday, November 07, 2016

Life afloat: living on a houseboat on the Thames

The Thames is many things to many people, but for some it is home.

The video above tells the story of some of those that live in houseboats on the tidal Thames, including actress Imogen Stubbs.

It was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and shown as part of the Totally Thames 2016 which also showed some photos in this video:

Those houseboats I've visited (including two in these videos) have been lovely, if sometimes constrained in space by the hull's dimensions. However there are also houseboats, typically very modern, which are much larger, like a four bedroom house that have been made watertight.

It must be lovely to feel that gentle rocking and hear the slap, slap of waves as you go to sleep then to wake to the quaking of ducks and light reflecting off the waters onto the ceiling...

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