Monday, November 21, 2016

Sailors brighten Blighty's November skies

Its been a grim couple of weeks.

Outside it's been grey and wet while inside when you switch on the TV you see climate change deniers and hear that polar ice levels are dropping crazy amounts.

But Blighty's sailors are doing their bit to bring back hope (remember that?)

Ben Ainslie and co of Land Rover BAR just went off and did it!! They won the America's Cup World Series (above), racing against seriously the best of the best. So its not all doom and gloom (well for us here in the old UK anyhow).

Then in the Vendee Globe Alex Thomson is still leading the way south, despite having broken one of his foils.


Finally I've been baking and what is better on a cold November day than a nice cuppa with chocolate brownie or slice of ginger cake:

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