Sunday, November 06, 2016

Time loop detected in London!!

Scientists are rushing to explain the time loop which has transported parts of central London back to the 1950s.

Said THE EXPERT "We have observed scenes from 1950s Britain in modern Trafalgar Square, such as the protests against Prime Minister's Eden's Suez adventure" (above).

THE EXPERT continued "However, we have identified a possible prime suspect for this time related incident. None other than THE DOCTOR is involved, having infiltrated the ROYAL FAMILY by posing as PRINCE PHILIP":
"Our latest theories" THE EXPERT continued "involves quantum effects and the noosphere's anxiety in response to modern reality, but who knows?".

"The time loop would also explain how elements of the 1930s seemed to have crept into modern life. It is therefore urgent that the loop is closed as quickly as possible".

Doctors have suggested that the required reduction in anxiety could involve mass "Netflix and chill" sessions.

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