Monday, June 05, 2017

PSB: London Can Take It

Let's keep a sense of proportion - or at least lets hope the US media (Jon Oliver excepted) gets one.

London has a long history, not all of it pleasant:
  • In AD 60, under the Romans, it was destroyed by the Iceni led by queen Boudica
  • London was also sacked in 842 and 851 by the Vikings
  • After 1066 (and all that) William the Conqueror occupied the city
  • About half the population was killed in the Black Death of the 14th century
  • During the English Civil War London took the side of Parliament and was where the King was executed in 1649
  • Almost a quarter of the population was lost in the Great Plague of 1665
  • The plague was swiftly followed by the Great Fire of 1666
  • During the 20th Century London was the target of the German Blitz (as in the video above from the band Public Service Broadcasting (PSB), who have seen a couple of times before).

London does not "reel" easily: we mind the gap and drink tea (though we might not say no to something stronger).

London is doing now what it has done for millennia: keep calm and carry on.


Tillerman said...

Bravo! Pip pip pip! God save the Queen!

Stiff upper lip old chap!

Carry on carrying on!

JP said...

I have an umbrella and a cup of tea, which according to the SAS means I am prepared:

Anonymous said...

I'll put the kettle on