Sunday, August 20, 2017

Visiting the London Stones

I had a big sailing trip planned for this summer but alas at the last moment I got sick and was unable to travel. So I was stuck in the big smoke working when should have been out at sea making overnight passages between exotic islands.

To distract myself I decided to follow up the Ferries of London project by visiting each of the London Stones that mark the scope of the part of the Thames that was in times gone by under the jurisdiction of the City of London, as mentioned in this previous post.

The Thames London Stones are those at:

The Wikipedia article also notes the London Stone marking the City of London's jurisdiction over the Medway, namely:

That's four destinations and at some locations there were multiple stones, most notably Southend-on-sea which required two visits. But on the other hand the two Medway stones could be done in a single trip, which also allowed for a visit to a bonus stone on the:

Each trip was done by public transport including tube, train, bus, bike and foot.

Onward to the Stones!

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