Friday, October 13, 2017

Putney Embankment Foreshore Festival

The Putney Embankment Foreshore Festival was part of Totally Thames with support from the Thames Tideway Tunnel (aka the super sewer) team.

There was a band (above), opportunities to try out paddle-boarding or rowing and chance to meet the PLA, RNLI and Tideway Tunnel team, with whom I had several interesting chats. Apparently comedian Bill Bailey was there, but I didn't see him, though I did spot our local MP, Justine Greening.

The environmental angle and theme of the plastics in the Thames was also covered by a stand about microplastics with this mini- Future Dust installation (made by the same artist):

There was also a chance to go onto the foreshore with a historian and discover a bit more about the history of Putney, such as this remnant of the old bridge:

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