Sunday, April 03, 2022

The Boat Race is Back

 As we all know, the last two years have been weird in many ways. Life changed, plans were cancelled and a new normal became normal. 

So it was good to see the University Boat Race back on the Thames were it belongs. I missed the Woman's race (which Cambridge won) but got to see the Men's race (which alas Oxford won, above leading comfortably by Hammersmith Bridge). But I guess a draw is fair.

There were the usual crowds, TV crews and Clare Balding presenting for the BBC:

There were some changes. The sponsor is now some sort of crypto exchange, but I'm yet to be convinced that crypto has any benefits so I won't mention their name.

I also spotted this innovation: a drone launching boat speeding down the Thames:

Very cool!

The PLA were a lot more sedate:

You will spot that Hammersmith Bridge is free from spectators. This relates to the ongoing renovation work which remains stalled.

But that is another, long story....


Greg Wesson said...

It was good to have it back after a couple years, and nice to see a decent crowd out. I first noticed the drone on Saturday when they had the alumni race. It was cool to watch.

JP said...

If you look at this clip from the BBC:

You can see some of the shots they took using the drone and also the drone itself.

Any ideas what the drone was and what camera setup they were using?

There was another use of a drone on the Thames a few days before the boat race - might see if I can find the resulting footage on YouTube

JP said...

Just found the clip - and the back story has fast cars, drones, the Thames and astrophotography so might post it this week.