Friday, April 01, 2022

Titty's tooth and London's beaver

As with many sailors, I have fond memories of the Swallows and Amazons book series and the 1973 film of the first book. I've posted before about the behind the scenes eBook of the filming by she who was Titty, namely the multi-talented Sophia Neville who reminisced that:

“The film ends with Ronald Fraser playing 'What shall we do with the drunken sailor?' on his accordion. As a twelve-year-old I noted in my diary that he was completely sloshed at the time.”

During the filming, the 13 year old Sophie apparently lost a tooth and recently wondered what happened to it, mentioning the incident on BBC Cumbria.

And listening in was the film's make-up designer, Peter Robb-King, who kept it in a film canister labelled "Important: Titty's tooth". 

As a heart warming end to this story, he was able to return it to Sophie after almost 50 years.

Another heart warming story was the return of beavers back to London. A male and female beaver have recently been released into an enclosure in Forty Hall Farm in Endfield. Apparently they're not just amazing animals, they also help the ecosystem because the dams they make ponds and dams.


And the April Fool is - these are not April Fools, but real stories!

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my2fish said...

JP, interestingly enough, there was an article recently I read about beavers being released in a dry river valley (likely California?) - and in just a few years time, the beavers completely changed the ecosystem of the river by damming up the river, and the green, lush growth there now was amazing. the article stated it would have taken millions of dollars of landscaping, etc - and likely would not have been as effective.

not sure if this was the exact article - but the same basic topic:

no titty's involved in this article, though.