Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and will have a good 2008!

I'm rather chuffed at making Tillerman's top 10 blogs for 2007 and good to see those hard working sailing celebrities getting the recognition they deserved (and I have a funny feeling they might be off again soon).

Also good to see Messing About in Sailboats getting on the list - one of my favourites and I'm going to borrow Adam's two resolutions, which were to join a sailing club and do more for the environment.

Another fav blog on Tillerman's top 10 was Frogma with stories of kayaking or canoeing in NY - which might be another thing to try in 2008 (but in London obviously).

So a big hello to all readers of this blog and thanks to all those blogs I've read and enjoyed during 2007!


Turinas said...

Happy New Year JP and Congrats. Hey where do i send the 25 quid to?

Kat said...

Thanks for the great posts in '07and congrats on making it onto the top 10 blog list! Happy New Year! :)

bonnie said...

Hello & happy new year to you, too!

JP said...

Thanks chaps and Happy New Year to you too!

(Turinas - I lost the bet so paid up to www.shelter.org.uk plus a bit more so no need for you to do so too)