Monday, January 07, 2008

Celebrity Sailing

What's this? Super celeb ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney "Macca" in a dinghy?

Of course its good to see the world's "the most successful musician and composer" afloat. But after selling 100 million singles couldn't he afford something a bit bigger?

One theory is that he just wants to get close to the water, to feel the kick of the rudder and spray in his face. The other of course is that he has started economise, knowing the mega divorce payout he is facing from his ex, Heather Mills.

So what is he sailing - anyone recognise it?


Don said...

Looks like a Sunfish.

Paul Woodward said...

Yes, it looks like a Sunfish; standard beach boat in the US and Caribbean.

Poor chap's obviously feeling suicidal as well as he's sailing it, not very well, without lifejacket.

bonnie said...

Wonder if that's the one that it all started in.

Maybe he could use a sweet little schooner!

JP said...

Thanks for that Tillerman link, Bonnie - forgot that.

Must add the sunfish to the list of boats to try sometime - can't be that common over here.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Macca knows that a Sunfish is a chick magnet. (I should add that to my list of ten reasons why a Sunfish is better than a Laser.) Looks to me as if he is on the prowl for wife #3.

Actually I hear rumors that the there is going to be a push to market the Sunfish in Europe. Maybe that photo in the Sun is a clever product placement by the marketeers?