Friday, March 14, 2008

Dublin to Bray

On the afternoon of the 2nd day in Dublin took the DART line train south to Bray.

This is one of those lovely railway lines that for much of its route goes along the coastline, with great views over Dublin bay out of the carriage windows.

Bray is a little sea side town, with a bit of a pebbly beach:

But there are great walks along the coast - if you have time you can walk the 6 km to the next station at Greystones round this headland:


Katinka said...

I love the last shot particularly with it's brooding sky, and dramatic cliffs - wow!

JP said...

It was pretty much begging for one to hike to the next train stop - imagine the path going along the coast, just by the base of that great hill, round the corner to.... who knows what?