Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cookham - In Memoriam

This is a view I had forgotten yet never forgot.

Today I had a business trip to Marlow, which is one of those lovely little towns up the Thames valley. After the meeting I had a little wander around which will blog in due course.

On the way back the train went through Cookham, and I thought as the afternoon had turned out fine I'd get out, walk to the river and back and get the next train home. The town had been mentioned by Kat as somewhere her great great grandfather had once lived, so I thought she might like a photo of it.

It seemed slightly familiar - and initially put the deja vu down to Cookham being very like other towns along the Thames. But it got stronger, though it was only when I was back at the station waiting for the train that I remembered standing there some years ago waiting for another train and asking someone else on the platform "so how did you know her?"

For I had been to Cookham, for the funeral of a very dear friend. I knew the view above, had walked along river bank, and sat for the service in Cookham's church (just off picture).

God bless and rest in peace HCL.

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Katinka said...

What an awesome surprise!! Thanks so much for this! :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend though :( Such a beautiful place to remember her by...