Friday, March 21, 2008

Commuting by Canoe

Story this week in the soar-away current bun about the commuter who forgoes the dubious pleasure of bus travel by paddling his canoe down the River Avon. Slightly more here.

But is he the only one or are there any other canoing commuters out there?


bonnie said...

Seems to me that various media types throw out queries about this subject to the NY/NJ kayak community once every couple of years. I'm pretty sure that there have been people who do this, but I couldn't find any articles.

The one person I do specifically remember hearing about lived in NJ & worked in Manhattan, I believe the paddle was mostly a mile across the river going to work & another mile going back.

Anything much more extensive than that would be rendered tricky by the currents - and even the straight crossing would be more difficult than it was at the time I first heard about it - there are dozens more small, fast ferryboats than there used to be, & I for one think trying to cross the river with all those guys bombing up & down desperately trying to stay on schedule would not be exactly calming!

JP said...

Hi Bonnie,

Yes, those ferries are a bit big and do go a bit fast!

In theory could get to my main client's riverside offices by little boat or canoe. But what to do with it when get there? There isn't any storage or mooring space around London Bridge!

Maybe a bit further upriver