Sunday, March 09, 2008

Faversham Creek

Just back from the Kentish town of Faversham, where picked up some "Pieces of Eight" after taking mum out to lunch to celebrate last week's mother's day.

One of the nice things about that town is that hidden away behind it is Faversham Creek, which as you can see above is a narrow strip of water that winds its way out to the sea. Its been a navigable channel for hundreds of years, and there are venerable old houses along side quays whose founding date is lost in deepest history.

A Roman road goes through Faversham, connecting Canterbury to London, so its more than likely that ships from far away Rome reached here, trading and exploring, maybe bringing Mediterranean olive oil to these cold and wet islands.

The chart of the wiggly route up from the Medway estuary can be seen below.

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