Monday, March 03, 2008

How to dredge in five easy steps

Step 1: Move into location. This is will take longer than expected if your tug is an underpowered, shrunk in the wash sort, like this one, and the tide is in full flood.

Step 2: Anchor. In the sailing books they talk about CQR, Bruce or old fashioned fisherman types of anchor. For some reason they forgot this method, which is to use the JCB sitting on the back of the boat and jam its arm into the mud:

3) Lowering the legs: a slightly more permenant way of fixing the barge's location than the JCB's arm, and you can have a lot of fun by jamming one in and then using the tug to spin the barge round and round.

Step 4: Have a cuppa! This is England after all - so what about wot the Sun says then?

Step 5: better get down to it then.

Actually despite that step 4, these guys seem to have been working quite hard - starting at 8am and ending at 5pm.

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