Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sailing for Landlubbers

I was thinking of going sailing over Easter - even emailing one sailing company asking about the options for the Red Funnel series, but they didn't respond.

Just as well as its freeezzzziiiinnnnnggggggggg this weekend. There were actual flurries of snow over London this afternoon. Not that it settled of course, and ten minutes later it was sunny (and another ten minutes later pouring with rain).

So instead am doing a tour of the nephews and nieces and godsons to deliver Easter Eggs plus Sunday lunch at the National Portrait Gallery.

Having more time to read the papers over the morning capuccino read this great article in the FT (I hope you can read it - if there are problems about subscription or something let me know and I'll email it).

It describes the pleasure of reading pilot books, to imagine what the places would be like, feel the spray on one's cheek, the cheerful splash of waves as the boat nods its way forward, the thrill of the storm, and the relief of port - all without moving a finger.

Indeed the author enjoys all of these from the warm comfort of the bath - risking prune like skin and damp and faded pages. I completely understand as also have a passion for charts and maps and find even the London A-Z a thrilling read.

Just as well - as it looks like the books are the nearest I'll be to being afloat this weekend.

Happy Easter everyone!


Turinas said...

I totally agree JP. I have a couple of Heikel's pilot books on Turkey and Greece and I could read them for hours. The mind is a great place to sail on a cold day

JP said...

I've got pilots from Lisbon to Gibraltar and Scottish Hebrides which are great for a bathroom read.

Would prefer the Nautical Almanac but its way too heavy.