Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday at the National

After lunch today at the National Portrait gallery (extremely pleasant and lovely views) went round the corner to pop into the neighbouring National Gallery and only had just enough time for a couple of pics so each selected one gallery or artist.

I chose the Turners and really enjoyed seeing this one of Dutch fishing boats in a storm. The waves look real and really can believe the stories of how Turner went out in a gale tied to the mast to get experience of it first hand.

There also seems to be a rather nasty port on starboard collision about to happen. The smaller boat with what we'd call a storm-jib up hasn't noticed or been unable to react to the larger one. Must have been very exposed and a wild ride on that port tack boat so there is likely to be more than a little sea sickness and intense bailing.


Katinka said...

(I looove Turner...thanks for this post!)

JP said...

The Turners were wonderful - and interesting to see how his style changed into more and more impressionistic.

We'd forgotten how many top pictures the NG has - should pop in more often.

Not unsurprisingly it was packed!