Tuesday, December 08, 2009

London to New York by Laser?

The previous posts came out of wondering if the trans-Atlantic voyage by Laser is feasible - even if not by the Top Yacht trio - and can see no reason why not.

After all Michael Blackburn managed to sail across the Bass Strait in a Laser (above), which is 117 nm of open waters. It took him 13 hours to cross, at an average of 8 knots.

So the Iceland to Greenland crossing of 150 nm is a bit more but still doable. With the same average speed that would take nearly 19 hours - tough, but a single sailor could do that with a lot of coffee to keep them going.

By linking up a whole series of hops like that I can see no reason why a London to New York voyage couldn't be achieved.

But can guarantee it won't be by me!


O Docker said...

OK, I know nothing about Lasers except that they fall over a lot when you're not paying attention and even, occasionally, when you are. That, alone, could get tiresome on a 20-hour watch.

I'm amazed, though, that you could average eight knots over a long stretch. Was that all downwind? Could be, on a reach, speeds would average a lot less.

People have rowed across the Atlantic, but those boats had cabins with some accomodation.

Don't know if a man or woman could ever manage it, but they could probably train a seal to do it.

After all, how smart do you have to be to sail a Laser?

bonnie said...

I'd told the dinghy gang at Sebago that my friend Marcus's upcoming attempt at a circumnavigation of Tierra del Fuego in a kayak was just a warmup for the main event, which is of course when Marcus takes his Laser down there for the same trip!

I don't think anybody believed me, though.

JP said...

O Docker: careful, I understand they do have the internet in the BVI and you know who might find out.

I guess it would be a painful 20 hours but if you were determined enough anything is possible.

Bonnie: now that sounds amazing - if you find out more (eg web site) let us know!

bonnie said...
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bonnie said...

Oops! Of course there is a website!

bonnie said...

The circumnavigation is of course actually and only by kayak, my friends were right to not believe my embellishment!

JP said...

Thanks for the link Bonnie - but if he can do it in a kayak why not a Laser?

Anyhow, hope it manages to get a bit further than Long Island (current location)