Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pindar in Iran

Quick break from Top Yacht for a news flash.

It's always a jolt to see something or someone you know in the news, and it was a bit like that when saw that the ex Volvo 60 Pindar has been caught after apparently drifting into Iranian waters.

I've been on her twice, both times day-sails in the Solent, and she is a lovely craft, fast and responsive (see video above). There was one long term crew on both days called Olly, and there seems to be not one but two Ollys in the crew currently being held in Iran, so it seems likely that at least one of them I know and have sailed with.

At this moment in time I'm not that worried for them. It clearly is a civilian craft and was there by accident not malicious intent. Iran wants the recognition and respect it feels it deserves as a regional power, and that is more likely to come from making a point over capturing them in their waters but also releasing them afterwards.

It's a county I'd like to visit and those friends who have in recent years have all come back having had great times. But as tensions could erupt into something more at short notice it can surely wait.

Fingers crossed for a happy resolution, but we might have to be patient and play it cool.

Update: oops, it might be another boat. Just seen a news program that implied it was an Open 60 not Volvo 60, will looking to this further.


Mark Hendy said...

Yes, Pindar is an Open 60. The boat was constructed at TP Cookson’s yard in New Zealand, and launched in 2007. She is designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian, otherwise known as ‘Juan K’, who designed the two ABN AMRO Volvo 70s and most recently the winning Volvo Ocean Race boat, Ericsson 4

Alex Thomson announced in September that he'd brought the boat to replace Hugo Boss which is now for sale.

JP said...

Someone ought to tell the BBC which is still (to my knowledge) calling a Volvo 60.

I tried to check it by going to the Pindar site but that was overloaded.

In the end saw a short video of it on Channel 4 news of what was clearly an open 60.

Hence the update....

Good news they were released

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