Friday, December 18, 2009

Your blog in 2009

It's the time of year of lists - cards to write, presents to buy and what to bring to which event.

It's also the time of year for mulled wine, for uncles to "test" presents for nephews and nieces, and visits to far flung relatives.

All of which means that blogging might become a less frequent, but there is one post was thinking of putting up sometimes over the festive fortnight.

I was thinking of going through the blog posts this year and picking out a couple of my favourites as a flavour of what you can expect here.

But then I thought - it would be great to have something to read after stuffed full of mince pies, and what better than the cream of the crop of other blogs.

So how about this - anyone who's interested lists their top blog entries of 2009. It can be the top favourite, the top 3, 5, 10, or any other number that takes your fancy (though anything over 12 will be considered excessive).

I'm not going to judge or award points or top ten top tens or anything anal like that - there are clearly experts out there at that field.

It's just a "how about it" suggestion.


tillerman said...

Great idea. I will give it a shot..

Carol Anne said...

Working on it ...

Fungod said...

H2uh0's favorite posts:
The iPhone does so many things well and now it can help you on the water with many free and inexpensive apps. I own several of the apps described in this article and will also mention several that I do not own but you may want to try. If you have the new 3GS you have a head start with the Compass app. If you don't have the latest phone, you could download a compass app called MotionX. There is a lite version as well as a full blown one with many more options The lite version (free) works fine and will also allow you to create waypoints and give you all the info you would have on a handheld GPS. You can even set the compass to true and magnetic bearings. The one weakness here is that it does not show you where you are on a chart.

I was almost ready to buy a handheld GPS when the new iPhones came out last year. With GPS built in, I decided to upgrade and am very happy using the navigation software from iNavX. This a $50 app but it bets the heck out of buying a Garmin. Download the free NOAA raster charts and off you go. It can do waypoints as well as show your track on the charts. It's easy to zoom in and out by pinching the screen and I have found it to be a great help at night when sailing near the Berkeley Pier. It could come in very handy in the fog as well. This hand held chart plotter is constantly being updated and is an amazing app.

Next up is a tide and current app that is very helpful called Tides. There are several tide apps but this one is great because it also gives you current predictions. Easy to use and very straight forward. Wind Meter will give you good idea how fast the wind is blowing and is a steal at one buck. Wind Speed is one I do not own but it looks promising. If you would like to check the buoys in your area for weather data you may want to try Windbuoy.

There has been alot of chatter about Anchor Alarm. If you anchor alot, this is an app you want to have on your phone. The $10 app will give you piece of mind while you drift off in to a sound slumber. Be sure to set it past 20 meters so you donot have a false alarm.

For current wind conditions in your area checkout and dial it into you favorite waters. In the SF area, I use for a quick wind check and forecast before I go out.

Here is a list of apps you may also want to check out at your local app store:
Sailmaster (for the racer)
NOAA National Weather Service
Harry's GPS Sailor
Marine Rules and Navigation
Sailor Knots
Points of Sail
Marine Rules and Signals

Users assume all risk when using these apps at sea. If you have a favorite app that you want folks to know about, please leave a comment. Sail on!

turinas said...

Great Idea JP. I have a bunch of posts of my favs coming up over the next week.

Tillerman said...

Here it is. Three Mince Pies.

JP said...

Thanks all - will look forward to reading all of them.

Craig - this one requires further research. I have the old 3G iPhone so no compass but sounds like MotionX is worth investigating. I heard about that wind speed app and hear it *does* actually work which is amazing so must get it.

I'm doing my list next week as been v. busy this week and had no time.

Carol Anne said...

Ok, here are the top ten posts from Five O'Clock Somewhere.

bonnie said...


O Docker said...

Here ya go, governor.