Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A White Christmas?

It snowed today!

Ok, it was nothing like the epic dump we had in February (as in the pic above) and it melted almost at once, but for getting into the Christmas spirit it was just great if cold.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....

ps - if anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to why the comments tool isn't working that would be very welcome!


Carol Anne said...

The thing I remember from being in South Oxfordshire for a year was that it was either too warm to snow (so it rained instead), or it was cold enough but too dry (something about Siberian air masses). We got one snowstorm that year, at Easter.

In my case, the disappearance of the comments coincided with a Firefox upgrade, so I figured there was a bug in the upgrade, and Mozilla would be sending a bug fix soon. But if it's disappearing for people with other browsers ... well, I'm only barely conversant with this kind of thing.

JP said...

I do use Chrome as my browser but then its made by Google that owns Blogger so....

Its a mystery!

Turinas said...

Crap. I am coming back to London for Christmas on Sunday. The weather forecast here in NJ is snow and I hoped to be avoiding it in blighty. WTF.
PS: How about a beer at the Duke's Head?

Carol Anne said...

What coincidence. I had just decided to take Chrome for a test drive the next time I get to a high-speed connection to download it.

Meanwhile, one interesting thing was that I found the winter in the south of England to be actually far milder than what I grew up with in northern New Mexico. Except when those Siberian air masses moved in, it was generally balmy. I remember we had roses blooming in the garden on Christmas day -- those gigantic Victorian things the size of cabbages. In New Mexico, we had snow, and usually lots of it, starting about the end of October.

Verification word: demen -- a feminist concept?

JP said...

I rather like Chrome - fast and clean user interface.

Adam: - yes! I'm around early next week and Duke's Head sounds good but busy so will depend upon which day and when - email me.

Current forecast Sunday sunny +1 to -1 deg C.