Saturday, December 12, 2009

New laptop, old Virtual Skipper

Last week my laptop failed, again. This time it was the power system, so can now measure its lifespan in the capacity of the currently charged batteries.

It was made by HP, which according to this report has the lowest reliability of any of the main manufacturers. And having had another replace-the-motherboard level of failure earlier this year was a) not happy and b) not prepared to go through that process again.

So CC in hand splashed out on a new one (not from HP) and spent the last few days transferring the data across and re-loading programs.

And under a pile of archived CDs and DVDs found an old copy of Virtual Skipper, namely version 2. So loaded it up and had fun thrashing a couple of simulated ACC boats.

I wonder if there is an upgrade path to the most recent?


my2fish said...

did you buy a Mac? I have an iMac, not a Macbook, but I would HIGHLY recommend it. my wife still gets frustrated at times with the "mac" things, but it's really not that hard to make the switch, and most things are really just easier to get done.

I've never tried a sailing computer game - are they fun?

JP said...

I was so tempted by a MacBook and even more so by MacBook Pro.

But they cost a lot more and really couldn't justify it.

Also for work need to be able to run Windows and didn't want to get involved in dual boot configurations.

Sailing game is fun, though haven't played it that much. There is an online laser playing game that Tillerman blogs on occasionally