Monday, February 08, 2010

AC-33: Buff tweets hat-gate

Alas due to technical problems (see report here) Buff was unable to send out his Twitter feed live. But here are the days' twits (as Buff for some reason calls them):

#bufftwit: Hello, JP, is this working?? God my head hurts, not the drink honest, mate, you know me, but had to do that interview with Tillerman about t
08/02/2010 07:35

#bufftwit: Howdy folks, Buff Staysail here, Buff by name and Buff by nature! Yes its finally AC-33 race day, and I'm just off to the tender to see the
08/02/2010 08:10

#bufftwit: What is wrong with this twitter thingy? It seems to keep cutting me short??
08/02/2010 08:15

#bufftwit: Anyhow now on way out with the flotilla of boats to see the action.
08/02/2010 08:33

#bufftwit: Did that get through ok? No answer. Ok, well the two boats are towering over us now as we wait for a signal from the committee boat
08/02/2010 08:38

#bufftwit: And an update on what the press corps here are already calling hat-gate or maybe cap-gate!!
08/02/2010 08:39

#bufftwit: That is of course the big story of the possibly illegal use of non-resident countries to manufacture the BMW Oracles hats!
08/02/2010 08:40

#bufftwit: Since I broke this story we've been approach by a source we gave the code name Obama Disney who tells us the secret behind the hats
08/02/2010 08:55

#bufftwit: It appears that the hats are aerodynamically designed to give a lift or down-force depending upon whether worn forward or backwards
08/02/2010 08:59

#bufftwit: So by choosing the angle its worn the crew can tweak the forces on the two outer hulls to improve the performance-
08/02/2010 09:06

#bufftwit: Hang on, there's been an update, yup, ok, well JP, I've been told there's not enough wind so racing been's postponed.
08/02/2010 09:15

#bufftwit: So we're just bobbing around here waiting for something to happen
08/02/2010 09:55

#bufftwit: Have you heard the one about......
08/02/2010 10:17

#bufftwit: God these RIBs roll.....
08/02/2010 10:29

#bufftwit: Bllallasdfajs;dfjasdojfas;dfuur
08/02/2010 10:45

#bufftwit: Sorry about that, very odd, must have had a touch of food poisoning.
08/02/2010 11:03

#bufftwit: Racings been cancelled!! Back to shore!!
08/02/2010 13:47

#bufftwit: Ok, time to do some more research. But which bar to try first.....
08/02/2010 15:23

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