Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chrome says no comments

An off topic post today about Google, Chrome and blog comments.

I've recently been using Google's Chrome browser which like as its quick and has a clean interface that maximises the amount of screen space for web pages by removing the menu bar and putting the tabs at the very top of the screen.

However it's recently grown one serious flaw - you can't post comments on Blogger blogs with it. Or at least I can't get it to.

What is particularly odd is that Blogger is owned by Google, creater of Chrome. It reminds me of Microsoft, a company getting so big that the left hand does not know what the right hand is up to.

There's also the worry that Google wants to know all about you, literally everything. Those wanting to unplug from Google can follow this helpful guide.

That seems a bit much, but until they get Chrome working will have to be at least partly Firefox.


ChrisP said...

I've found that my Blogger-based blog is also difficult to edit using Chrome. Bizarre.

Anonymous said...

I am in no way ready to give up on Google yet - in fact, I like most of their products (Buzz seems a bit lame, though).

my frustration is this: I make comments on Blogger posts, but never get updates when more comments are made on that same post. I suppose part of it is I usually post using the Wordpress OpenId thing... mostly because if I sign in by email, I'd have to first log out of my personal email, then sign in with my my2fish email, etc. just to post a comment.

whereas, on Wordpress blogs, I can just click a box that then emails me whenever new posts are made.

I'm not trying to start a Wordpress vs Blogger debate, just curious... am I missing something really basic?

cheers, my2fish

Carol Anne said...

If you look at your visitor stats, you will see that I am visiting via Firefox tonight rather than Chrome. I generally like what I've seen and experienced with Chrome, but it is still on probation, with Firefox as a standby. The commenting failure is a big black mark for Chrome becoming my permanent first-choice browser.

I thought maybe it was just a glitch with my own computer, since I had just installed an Adobe add-on this afternoon that I was blaming for the problem. But if everybody else is having the same problem, that lets Adobe off the hook -- unless everybody else also installed the same Adobe add-on at the same time.

JP said...

Apparently there is a way round it which is to have the comments in a pop up window, but that would require everyone to tinker with their blog setttings and to be honest that is not solving the real problem which is Chrome.

Its another good reason for having more than one browser installed.

Carol Anne said...

It doesn't work even when the comments are in a popup window. I have my blog set up that way, and I can't even comment on my own blog using Chrome. Sigh.