Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Some sailing things that bug me

Tillerman has a new blogger's writing project. Rats, had hoped we'd be able to post random thoughts about the AC to while away the cold dark evenings.

This one has got me scratching my head as its the worst sailing innovation hmm.....

Ok, here are some initial suggestions:

1. AC lawyers - naah, that's just too easy

2. Twin wheeled small cruisers (see above). There's this whole attitude that big racers have twin wheels, and they go fast, hence if you have a smallish (i.e. under 40 foot) production cruising boat and give it twin wheels and bingo! its a flash racer. Nah, doesn't work like that.

3. Anything involving the word "frostbite". No, nope, ain't going to happen, seriously there's a clue in the name there. Its just a ruse for masochists to get some race points over the sane.

What else? Well I know there's something that annoys ol' Buff, but maybe that's best left to another day.


Anonymous said...

Notice that the two-wheeled cockpit has an open walkway down the middle. Not a bad a idea...

Carol Anne said...

That's not a walkway; it's a conduit for anything dropped, especially something valuable (handheld GPS, iPhone, piece of jewelry), to slide right off the back of the boat.

JP said...

Anon - that's very true and had that thought when posting the pic. But then single wheels can be rotated out of the way.

I suppose my beef is against those that want two wheels just because it looks cool.

Might just be me ;)

Gerald said...

Putting those twin wheels in lets the builders build the cabin up higher. With one wheel, those high cabin tops (rhymes with extra windage) would block the view. Bang, twin wheels, extra bloat hidden and they can also charge more for a sporty selling point.