Thursday, February 25, 2010

Washed up whale and a Local Hero

I'm currently watching for the n-th time Local Hero, a lovely gentle movie, where the real hero is the wonderful Scottish scenery. It ends up with the oil refinery project (boo! hiss!) being rejected in favour of a environmental research centre (hurrah!)

And if it had been real there would have been good week for such a centre, with two environmental stories this week from the BBC. First up was the huge 17 metre dead whale that ended up washed on a beach in Cornwall.

Another story was about the discovery of an enormous area in the Atlantic where plastic rubbish accumulates, the equivalent of the great but ghastly Pacific Garbage Patch.

Ah, if only the health of the planet could be guaranteed such a neat ending by gentle script writers.

Here's hoping....


Carol Anne said...

Sorry to be off topic ... I was just posting some readings for my students on the class homepage, and Firefox came up with some utterly incomprehensible failures. Chrome, on the other hand, had no problem. I'm testing whether the current Chrome/Blogger problems might have been solved.

Re-sending from Firefox: No, they haven't. So at the moment Firefox isn't working for work, and Chrome isn't working for blogging. Argh.

JP said...

Isn't it annoying?

Well given that I don't like IE there are still too more to try, namely safari and opera, but I have three browsers installed already... grrr!

Carol Anne said...

I have both Safari and Opera installed. Opera is slick in some ways but utterly incompatible with the web pages run by the community college where I work -- and it does bizarre things when I upload pictures for blog posts, such as blowing them up to gigantic size (which in turn makes IE choke on the blog). Safari is OK, but it doesn't really stand out.

JP said...

I might have to go more firefox based - just had problem registering for Microsoft product with Chrome but it was fine in firefox