Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keep Turning Left Right

I was going to post an entry about Keep Turning Left's videos but I've been short of time and Adam got there first - it will have to wait.

Furthermore on the eve of a general election here in the UK there is a danger in this blog being seen to being partisan with such subliminal messages about what direction to take.

So for balance here's a story from the BBC about a sailor who tried to "Keep Turning Right". Apparently he left the Medway aiming for Southampton using the simple rule of KTR.

Alas this simple algorithm failed when it encountered the Isle of Sheppey, around which he circled until he ran out of fuel, after which he ran aground and had to be rescued by the RNLI.

Turn left, turn right - it's your choice.

Just make sure you don't hit the rocks on the way (Gordon Brown you know what I mean)


Turinas said...

Love the BBC story. What a plonker. Morotoboater? I'm just saying that's all

bonnie said...

Oh, that's funny - I clicked the link expecting to see that the guy who wrote the latest greatest tome on sea kayaking had had an accident!

JP said...

Yup, motorboater with a road map to navigate on the sea.

Sounds like a Top Gear fan - "what can possibly go wrong" ;)