Thursday, April 01, 2010

Exclusive! New Laser for World Masters

G'day all! Buff Staysail here, Buff by name and Buff by nature!

It's a special day for all you Laser fans out there, as this blog can exclusively reveal that a new Laser is coming on sale this summer, specially for the forth coming World Masters.

There has been some concern from organisers of the competition that use of an existing design will bias the competition against sailors like JP that only sail on sunny summer days in waters with the temperature of a pleasant bath, by giving an unfair advantage to those that sail Lasers on a day to day basis.

The solution was radical, to design a new class that no-one had sailed before. What's more the proposed boat opens the doors for a whole new avenue of sailing. Using the latest in sailing technology, the design team have managed to fit a wing onto a standard Laser body!

The plans were revealed at an exclusive breakfast this morning for leading journalists and wow was it a good one. Over one of the many glasses of champagne we worked hard on the last piece of the puzzle - what to call this space ship. Will it be the Laser-W, Star Laser, or even the Waser??

Whatever it will be called, I can't wait to get out there and try one. Imagine the scene: yours truly blasting through a pack of boring sail boats to get to the finish line - and hence bar - first!!


Eau Gazeuse said...

Fantastic ! I want one. :)
Err. What is "JP BS" for ?

O Docker said...

Buff, the developers of this radical design should be congratulated for having pulled off such an amazing accomplishment - not designing the boat, but getting the International Laser Class Association to approve it.

Pat said...

According to a usually unreliable source, the new Laser will be called the "Volare".

Baydog said...

This is textbook Tillercontent. Is he hiding inside Buff's foil rig?

JP said...

Buff alas is unable to respond to your comments today. Something about stomach not feeling too good and a "slammer of a headache".

Good point about the sail labels - I think ol' Buff must have had one too many champers.

I think the sailing experience of the Laser-W (or possibly Volare) was such that even the ILCA couldn't say no.

Whether Tillerman was an advisor to the design team alas unable to say - he wasn't present at the launch ceremony: maybe he was pre-occupied.