Saturday, April 17, 2010

Empty sky, blue sky

Today was rather amazing, as there was nothing in the sky over London.

No planes and no helicopers, nothing moving that wasn't natural. Not even a cloud - just blue from zenith to horizon. Blue from dawn to dusk.

Except I suppose there was something in the sky, something that gave the horizon a hazy look, a something that gave the sunsets that golden glow of yesterday's photo.

The volcanic something that has my brother and family stuck on their holiday in Egypt.

Volcanic ash covering Europe from Ireland to Russia, floating up there in the blue.


tillerman said...

It's a sign........

Baydog said...

Funny, it looks like a perfectly beautiful sky to me. Hard to believe there's still a no-fly.

I remember back on the evening of 9/11. I went out back and laid in the hammock and stared at the sky. We live pretty much directly under the flight paths between Newark, JFK, and La Guardia and Philadelphia. Jets are always overhead, albeit fairly high. That night, there was not a plane in the sky. It was eerie. You're probably experiencing the same sensation, I suppose.

JP said...

Which of the seven plagues is airspace lock-down?

And yup, must be similar to after 9/11

Carol Anne said...

Five O'Clock Somewhere has had a rash of visitors from Cairo, arriving on grammar questions. Would your nieces and/or nephews happen to be doing homework while on holiday, looking up restrictive adverbs and the like?

JP said...

Sounds more like my sister-in-law, who's very keen on getting the grammar right.