Saturday, April 24, 2010

America's Cup 2028

BJ: G'day guys! It's Buff Junior here - Junior by name and junior by brain! I'm here on behalf of Queensland Community Cloud and JP's representing ye olde bloggers, say hello JP

JP: Hi all

BJ: And first a big thanks to all those kind words about my uncle, ol' Buff Staysail, what can I say, all choked up

JP: It's the way BS would have wanted to go, Junior. Drowned after capsizing a Laser while sailing on a vat of the amber nectar.

BJ: But enough reminiscing, it's time for the 2028 America's Cup, being virtualized live from Rio de Janerio, with the first race about to start.

JP: So lock your cloud-pad to the Google-Sail channel. Thanks of course to Google-Sail to providing real-time streaming data feeds including wave mapping, lidar wind measurements for the sail-zone, and full archival facilities so we can re-sail these matches over the cloud at any time in the future. Of course there are some dis-

Google Sail Adverts: Fantastic life style hats and goodies available now! Just make the buy gesture now and we'll scan your face, get ID match, charge your PayBuddy account, and dispatch, all automatically.

BJ: - but no one prosecuted him. And those wanting to follow the Sail-XXXX co-race, it's live on augmented overlay as we speak.

JP: Yup, that's been a lot of fun, joining and racing the actual AC fleet in real time on virtual communities. I think the video chat mode really adds to the experience

BJ: And its a good thing that boat location sensors are mandatory so that all protesting and judging can be done automatically or things could have got nasty.

JP: I tell you, it was a programming glitch, the iRules site clearly doesn't understand 3.52k

BJ: Enough of that, the two finalists are entering the start area, and we're about to see some real racing. The two skippers meet at last -

Google-Sail: Get your steam powered JetSki's 20% off now! Say "Wow" now for voice scan and we'll transfer you direct to the O'Docker Spring Sale!

JP: - with Sabrine behind the sail wing lock-up, completely naked - but enough of that, might be children on-feed. Wasn't it a great Facepad Challengers Series?

BJ: Fantastic! That final where China just pipped USA on the last downwind leg!

JP: Their hull shape tweak program is clearly superior. I heard the USA hull only had two settings, upwind and downwind

BJ: That's not much is it? China really has got the edge of memory and electro-form structures, that can re-shape the bow at the touch of a button, and they have hull-trimmers that really know their stuff.

JP: A shame about the English boat - well they did get to the semi's, before the USA team knocked them out.

BJ: You're not still blaming the sinking of St. George on sabotage by the Welsh Republic, JP? They lost fair and square - though not the epic battle of China vs. the New Iranian Republic.

JP: Re-sailing the race on virtual sail the English team had a 23.7% probability of winning. But at least that decade long legal battle is finally out of the way.

BJ: Amen to that. And it worked out fine, with the rejected foiling technology being picked up by the Red Bull Round the World Race, while adaptive hull technology was accepted, though not-

Google-Sail: Red Bull discount offer! Nod your head now if interested in entering for the chance for a ride on the Red Bull Round the World Race in-port events! Purchase and ID public mode required

BJ: -the two boats are lined up for the start, Brazil to port, getting powered up, really making some way, have they timed this right?

JP: That doesn't look right, at this rate they'll be across the line early

BJ: China leading, Brazil just behind, matching them move for move

JP: Oh my god! Did you see that!

BJ: Wow! The Chinese boat re-shaped their bow into a flat surface, breaking them just enough to be this side of the line as the gun went. We haven't seen that before, a super weapon for the finals.

JP: And Brazil were early! They are having to return!

BJ: On the Chocolate Factory augmented overlay you can see that the idealised virtual competition is slightly ahead, but not by much, so China is working at 99.98% close to optimum efficiency.

JP: Brazil are across the line, they're in chase mode, this will be a Cup Race to remember -

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Eau Gazeuse said...

Fantastic !
/Frantically shaking my head up and down to make the Google Sail/Facepad "I like this post" head gesture.

JP said...


As you might have guessed, rather enjoyed writing this post ;)