Thursday, April 08, 2010

Post for the Planet

I love my techy toys. Today for example I've been following the blogs giving the latest news on iPhone OS 4.0 tweet by tweet. And has already posted am saving the pennies for the time that the iPad touches down blighty side of the pond.

But there is a price for this relentless pursuit of the new, shiny gleaming bit of plastic, glass, metal and mix of heavy elements, a price our planet bears.

So a couple of posts about the environment to give some balance:
  • Turtles killed by the millions by fishing gear - as in the photo above. There's some beguiling about the slow moving air breathing shell encrusted animal, and yet our greed for fish is leading to their slaughter. Can't be good.
  • Rubbish on UK beaches is up 77% on the level in 1994, and 63% of that is plastic. And the majority of that comes from public littering - yes that means you and me. Much of it is plastic bags and bottles, so take them home!
  • On that subject, the Plastiki is off sailing the Pacific to raise awareness of the plastic threat to our seas, most noticeably the great ocean gyres full of plastic.
  • It's been a bad couple of weeks for blue fin tuna, with the politicians failing both to limit catches and then failing to protect them as an endangered species
  • Finally an example of global warming related sea water rising leading to not just coastal land being lost but in this case a whole island in the Bay of Bengal. It was disputed between India and Bangladesh, both of which have high coastal populations vulnerable to further sea level rises.
So even though I've got a shopping list this summer I must somehow also find a way to balance the damage done - any suggestions?


Tillerman said...
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Tillerman said...

The price for the pursuit of shiny pieces of plastic is not only environmental. It is to our own peace of mind and quality of life. Nobody on their death bed ever said, "I wish I had bought the Sinclair ZX80."

O Docker said...

I've given up wool sweaters for microfleece - made from recycled plastic bottles.

But now my moths are upset. There's no pleasing everyone.

JP said...

You're so right Tillerman. I waited until the ZX81 came out and what a great decision that turned out to be ;)

Don't worry O'Docker, moths have a whole world of things to eat. Indeed recently found one lurking with intent near my rug.

I'm thinking it might be a good time to donate all those old phones lurking in a draw somewhere to charity.

Carol Anne said...

I, too, waited for the ZX81.

As for depriving the moths, don't worry. They'll find something. It's been ages since I've removed cat hairs from the drapes, and I've recently discovered the moths go for the cat hairs, thus leaving the drapes alone.