Friday, March 04, 2011

Boating, iPads and Bloggers

It's Friday evening and rather than blog another book review I've concocted a scrap-book post of shorts:

1. Recently saw The Social Network on blu-ray which was great,  involving tech start-ups, blogging and rowing in one Aaron Sorkin scripted gem - definitely worth a watch.

2. The film's rowing angle came from the Winklevoss brothers, interviewed here in the Telegraph talking about another lawsuit and preparing for the 2012 games.

3. I've also just watch Ellen McArthur inspire some school drop-outs that they have a second chance in Jamie Oliver's Dream School - watch this weeks episode on 4OD here (might be UK only).

4. This week saw the launch of the iPad 2 - or iPad 1.5 as El Reg put it. It was also the week that the FAA decided that pilots could use them rather than paper maps, which means it must be ok for ships, right?

5. Californians have been boating for 12,000 years or so according to this story on the BBC. That would explain the natural amphitheatre no doubt.

Have a great weekend!


O Docker said...

Great story, JP.

What they don't report is that the names of some of those 12,000-year-old boaters are just now coming to the top of the wait list for slips in Santa Cruz Harbor.

Tillerman said...

Whenever I read about prehistoric migrations I am amazed how it is so often assumed that major migrations always took place by land. The significance of the famous "Bering land bridge" springs to mind. I guess the evidence of coastal voyaging, island hopping and even ocean voyaging is, of necessity, much more sketchy.

I just can't help feeling that our ancestors were migrating from place to place via rafts and boats many thousands of years before US Sailing introduced Bare Boat Cruising Certification.

JP said...

I agree, we humans must have spent thousands of year spreading along coasts, and boats must have played a huge part of that.

That is of course why we like sea food and are prepared to spent years waiting for a mooring.

Dan said...

Social Network was robbed at the Oscars! Have you seen the King's Speech? Having seen both I was definitely routing for the Social Network. But I suppose those old academy folks like the old fashioned choice.

JP said...

I haven't seen the Kings Speech but everyone who has is singing its praises so I guess it must be pretty good.

Though I've never been able to take the Academy Awards that seriously since the awful Terms of Endearment won FIVE of them.

Dan said...

I think Terms of Endearment was before my time, but the fact that Shawshank won absolutely nothing and Forrest Gump, good, film as it is, stole the show.

Anyone in their right mind would pick Shawshank over Forrest Gump, and that's not an insult to Forrest Gump.

JP said...

Absolutely agree with you there

O Docker said...

The Oscars are like a box of chocolates.