Saturday, March 05, 2011

Marmalade day

Today was an exciting day.

I've been busy with a family illness, work and general life, and so for for the last six months I've missed marmalade day. Marmalade day is the first Saturday of each month where outside St. Mary's Church in Putney there is a stand where you can buy jars of WI made jam.

The Women's Institute's of Great Britain are apparently the protectors of a secret recipes of preserves, for what they cook up is far better than what I've had to rely on for the last four months, which came from a supermarket.

After stocking up I went along Putney Embankment to watch the boats out on the river, knowing that on Sunday I'll have proper marmalade with my breakfast toast.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day too.


Tillerman said...

And was Jerusalem builded here
Among those dark Satanic mills

Baydog said...

JP, I grew up with Dundee marmalade from a crock. My Dad swore by it. Does it live up to the WI standard? He used the empty crocks for everything around the house.

JP said...

.... and jolly good it was too. Time for a song:

"And did those feet in recent times
Walk the Putney Embank-er-ment?"

Baydog: sounds good, but can it be as good as locally home made WI marmalade??

Bursledon Blogger said...

Dark Satanic Mills - Putney???

- gor blimey Mary Poppin's where've you bin

JP said...

It's true!

Ok, not exactly Dark Satanic Mills but check out these plans - cause of much NIMBY complaints.

Carol Anne said...

If you have to buy marmalade in a store, Dundee is the kind to get. I love those crocks too. For homemade, I have recipes from Pat's family in the southern tip of Texas where much citrus fruit grows.

Bursledon Blogger said...

We still have about 100 jars left of you want to buy some :O)

O Docker said...

Bring me my Pint of burnished gold;
Bring me my Ales of desire:
Bring me my Stein: O taps unfold!
Bring me my Chair by the fire!

JP said...

I stand corrected O'Docker: clearly your future is as a poet, not in the MSM :)

JP said...

That marmalade looks so good I can't believe it hasn't all gone by now!