Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Olympic ticket choice

As a distraction from the horrors from Japan, the Olympic 2012 web site is now open for ticket applications.

The way it works is that over the next 6 weeks applications are collected together and if demand exceeds supply then there's a ballot. So you might get nothing - but should you apply for lots the danger is you could end up winning them all.

But the question remains - what to apply for? Above is a screen grab from the site at http://www.tickets.london2012.com/homepage (apologies relying on iPad at the moment to blog).

Sailing of course, but which class? And what else - athletics is likely to be popular, as will be beach volleyball (for some strange reason), or canoeing, biking (UK gold target).... or?

What would you apply for?


Tillerman said...

Did I read that they are doing the beach volleyball on Horse Guards Parade? I suspect that is why it's so popular.

JP said...

Indeed - great setting, very easy to get to. Maybe it should be on my list.