Friday, March 11, 2011

Terrifying Tsunami

I've been watching the videos of the Japanese Tsunami and pretty terrifying they are too. Reminded me a bit of my dream. Apparently the quake was 1,000 times the recent one in Christchurch.

Updated: the pictures are getting worse every time turn on the TV. Thoughts and prayers with those in range of this horrific quake and the tsunami.


Carol Anne said...

I've been in one disaster, and my parents have been in another, but this one is so huge, it defies comprehension. I am really impressed, however, by how well the Japanese are dealing with it.

JP said...

The Japanese were pretty prepared but even so there isn't much you can do against such raw power.

Sobering, scary and very saddening.

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

For Japan Earthquake and Tsunami I go with the American Red Cross. You can donate here for Japan. Minimum donation is $10.

JP said...

Interestingly the disaster emergency relief (DEC) isn't collecting for this one so yes the Red Cross is the one.